WabiSabi Collective


We’re a multi-disciplinary collective that comes together for creative and visual arts for independent and commercial projects.
We offer full-stack creative services, and our experience includes branding, print, apps & web design, as well as video production, editing, animation, and VFX.

The philosophy of “Wabi-Sabi” comes from Japanese culture and, in part, teaches us about perfect imperfection. As we apply this to the creative process, we take from it the appreciation of the constant evolving nature of everything around us; that nothing is perfect, nothing is ever really “finished”, and everything can always be improved.

The nature of what we offer takes us across industries, brings us collaboration with new disciplines and with that – a constant stream of knowledge that can be continuously applied.
With every next project, we strive to grow together and blend organic ideas with the latest tech within our reach.


As a multilingual team with an eclectic skill-set, we bring to the table an understanding of different cultures and in turn deliver ideas that speak more than one language. We have been fortunate in working with artists and creatives from around the world, and clients from New York to San Francisco, Miami, Caracas, Madrid and Brussels.


Founded by Salvador J. Stamatti Avila